Why dmexco 2017 is so exciting for our biggest exhibitors

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Why dmexco 2017 is so exciting for our biggest exhibitors

Google Germany, Publicis Media, Webtrekk, IP Deutschland and SAP Hybris will be among our biggest exhibitors at the expo this year. Here you can see for yourself why companies find dmexco 2017 so exciting, what they are showcasing in Cologne, and what top trends they can expect in the future.

Marcus Rübsam, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Solutions, SAP Hybris, says,

“dmexco sends out strong signals to the entire digital sector. Our motto for 2017, ‘Signal in the Noise’ fits in very well with this aspect. In line with this motto, we will demonstrate what artificial intelligence from SAP Hybris can already accomplish. Visitors who look in on our company at Stand C11 in Hall 7 will be able to see how we filter the tiniest customer signals out of the roaring data noise and utilize them in real time.” Find out more about the dmexco agenda of SAP Hybris.

Angela Krieger, Manager Communications & Public Affairs at Google Germany GmbH, points out that dmexco is one of the biggest digital conferences in the world and attracts lots of visitors and fascinating personalities from the marketing sector. “As a result, this trade fair offers us a fantastic opportunity to engage in discussions with marketing managers from a wide variety of sectors and talk about our various advertising opportunities,” she says. At her company’s stand, visitors can stop by and meet the Google team in an informal setting (Hall 6 / B011-C018).

What are the most important market trends of this year, from Google’s perspective?

“We believe that mobile, performance, and video are continuing to play an important role. This year we will focus especially on YouTube. People watch more than a billion hours of video content on YouTube every day. This offers advertisers a vast number of opportunities to reach their customers at just the right moment. Another trend that is very important for us is machine learning. ML will become increasingly important in the advertising sector. It will help advertisers to analyze signals in real time and run customized advertising,” says Angela Krieger. She expects dmexco 2017 to provide “a fascinating program of interesting discussions, presentations, and of course lively conversations directly at our trade fair stand, just as it did last year.”

Nicole Karepin, Director of Communications at Publicis Media, expects to once again experience “two strenuous but inspiring days in Cologne in 2017, with lots of discussions, new orders, and good ideas.” Why will the company’s stand at this year’s Expo (Hall 6 / B051-C050) be just as big as before? “For our customers in Germany, dmexco has become the most important event of the year. This is where they can experience innovations up close and find out about the latest trends,” Karepin says.

“The task of our employees at the stand will be to structure the flood of information for individual customers in a way that enables them to gain the maximum amount of knowledge and return home from Cologne with lots of new ideas.”

For Nicole Karepin, the most interesting themes this year will be “the ways that data and technology can enhance our customers’ business success: Where and how can artificial intelligence be utilized in commercial communications? Where are self-learning algorithms already being used in the marketing sector?”

Julia Gölles, Head of Marketing at Webtrekk, also believes that the right answers to these significant questions can be found at dmexco 2017. In her view, the most important market trends for Webtrekk as well are “the current developments in the area of artificial intelligence, which are already transforming the digital sector and will continue to do so in the future.” What does this mean for her company in practical terms? “In the area of customer intelligence at Webtrekks, the related field of predictive analytics is becoming increasingly important for predicting future customer behavior even more precisely and thus optimizing marketing activities.”

Gölles adds, “Another highly relevant theme is cross-device customer registration and the cross-device addressing of users. Of course these are not new themes, but they are still among the biggest challenges for modern marketers,” says this marketing expert.

Why is Webtrekk once again occupying such a large stand in Cologne this year? “We’ve exhibited at this trade fair from the very beginning. By now dmexco has become one of the most important meeting points of our sector. This is where we meet many of our customers and partners. Some of them, such as G+J, T-Systems, ProSiebenSat1, Heise Medien, and Hermes, are exhibitors themselves. As the provider of a customer intelligence platform that enables companies to make data-based marketing decisions, we also use dmexco to present our latest product solutions and to meet marketing professionals who are looking for an innovative analytics solution that conforms to the data protection regulations.”

The company’s stand concept is designed correspondingly. “We will once again be at our traditional location, Stand C011/D018 in Hall 8, where we will present the latest updates and features of the Webtrekk platform. Visitors can use several terminals to take a look at our solutions, such as our predictive analytics. They can also try out our dashboards and discuss data protection topics with us over a cup of coffee,” Gölles says. Incidentally, Webtrekk will also be part of the conference program. It will hold a seminar on the trending theme of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force in May 2018 and is likely to bring about huge changes in the marketing sector.

IP Deutschland (Hall 8 / A021-C028) will stick to the same concept we had last year — an international presentation together with the RTL Group and Gruner + Jahr. They will present themselves as what they are – a network of partners spanning the borders of countries and media. The most important market trend is video as their core business, especially with regard to the opportunities offered by addressable TV. In addition, the topics of data and technology are playing an increasingly important role for IP Deutschland as well within the framework of the Total Video approach. “We regard dmexco, this year as every year, as a platform for good conversations, exciting discussions, and practice-oriented product presentations — at the international level.”