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Influencer Marketing From outsider to superstar: Only ten years ago, user-generated content was regarded as unpopular. Today, however, social influencers are sought-after publishers. Because of their authenticity and approachability, they have become coveted partners of the advertising sector. Cooperation with them enables advertisers to conduct a completely new kind of dialogue with consumers that is highly effective. This cooperation creates involvement, generates fans, boosts sales and/or stages themes in a way that is creative and tailored to particular target audiences. But which influencers are the best fit for which brands? G+J e|MS has created an innovative marketing platform called “InCircles” that makes influencer campaigns scalable, plannable, and measurable. Thanks to a full-service approach to giving advice, it gives customers lots of support. How this works and where limits are set was demonstrated by our sponsor G+J e|MS at the Night Talk in Munich on May 9. Together with the Influencer Laura Brodda (allthatchoices by Laura) and the Digital Manager Thomas Weiser (Lorenz Snack World), G+J e|MS provided fascinating insights into the sustainable impact influencers can have on Marketing. Right after the lively discussion, it was absolutely clear: Influencer Marketing is much more than just a hype – it will be a relevant topic also in future and budgets are rising. Let´s stay tuned!

Among our guests at the dmexco Night Talk 2017 in Munich were: Christine Bauer (Zenithmedia), Bettina Borga (Glaxo Smith Kline), Axel Chur (Omnicom Media), Scarlett Fritz (BCN), Rasmus Giese (United Internet Media), Sven Holsten (Score Media Group), Fernanda Conti (limango), Volker Wiewer (Teradata), Julia Halbleib (, Eva Heil (1&1 Mail & Media), Jürgen Lorenz (Amazon), Gunhild Meyer (MediaCom), Stefan Schumacher (G+J) und Florian Spintler (MediaCom).


Sponsor Speaker:
Frank Vogel, 
Speaker of the Board G+J e|MS

Laura Brodda,
Founder & Editor,
allthatchoices by Laura

Thomas Weiser,
Digital Manager, Lorenz Snack World

Martin Meyer-Gossner,
The Strategy Web

Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 1
80636 München
start: 18.30 Uhr

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