“We really hit a nerve in Germany”

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“We really hit a nerve in Germany”

Emma Heming-Willis loves coconut, already her grandmother did. What plans the successful founder of CocoBaba has in Germany and why data driven marketing is so important for her she explains in this interview.


You are visiting dmexco for the first time. What kind of experiences do you want to take back home?

The dmexco has developed into the most important meeting point for the global digital economy and therefore it is a must-see for all digital interests. I’m very happy to be here and honored to have the opportunity of exchange with experts on these field. These days it becomes more and more important for a Brand, especially for a new one on the market like CocoBaba, to be up to date on the digital world and dmexco is definitely a perfect place to be inspired, make contacts and get latest information on new trends in digital activities.


You’ve launched your Business in Germany 2016. What are the next steps?

CocoBaba is designed and produced with my German team, which I am working with since years. Exploring different options and talking to various experts in the cosmetic market, I felt that Germany was for the development the best option which understands my vision and was ready for that matter very close to my heart. And my gut feeling was right. It seems we really hit a nerve with a vegan coconut based beauty line. CocoBaba keeps on growing and we currently exploring with business partner’s product extension to grow the product line. At the same time we have been approached by different markets to grow the brand internationally – so more to come. Stay tuned.


Is it different for a woman to find and actively pursue her own carreer? If yes: Why?

It hasn’t been something that has ever held me back. When I became a model back in the 90’s it was a career geared towards women. The message that was put into my head from a young age was women are equal if not greater in the work place. Modeling is a profession where women make more then men do. Plus I was brought up by a single mom. She went out there and did what she needed to do and I never saw anything hold her back. So here I am with my own company, CocoBaba with a team of very intelligent and strong women beside me managing it all. We are actively pursuing our careers and nothing is or will hold us back. 


What or who has helped you in your life?

Hands down it’s my mother. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, devils advocate and the person that has given me so much love and support in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.


What is your message at dmexco?

I’m at dmexco together with our partner BAM Media GmbH, a leading agency for data driven marketing, which supports me in all digital activities of my brand CocoBaba. It’s almost a year since I launched the brand on the german market and I’m more than happy to see that it keeps on growing. On the same time it becomes more difficult to handle everything by myself – as besides owning a business I’m also a mother. Working with the BAM Media team is a great support and together we want to implement CocoBaba into the digital market and create an independent reach on all channels.