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The future will be characterized by diversity and equal rights

For us, “gender equality” is not just a buzzword. dmexco has launched three initiatives that strengthen and connect women, with the goal of taking a critical look at the career conditions for women in the fields of marketing, media, and technology. Together with our partners, we want to investigate the status quo inside companies. We will bring together successful women and men to conduct lively discussions in order to find answers to the following questions: How did they manage to rise into the top echelons? What obstacles did they have to overcome? Does the market offer women the career opportunities they have been demanding for years?

“29 Global Trailblazers” —
interviews with 29 female managers at dmexco

In the “ 29 Global Trailblazers” campaign, which we have launched jointly with Refinery29 and The Female Quotient, we want to give thumbnail portraits of 29 representative women and present these women on the dmexco stages. Together, these 29 women stand for a future characterized by diversity and equality.

Through these portraits, we want to showcase women’s personal lives and opportunities for success, but also the obstacles and injustices that women still encounter today. We want to learn from these women’s stories and to clearly show what needs to change inside companies in order to ensure gender equality in the future.

Together, the 29 top women managers of commercial, media, and tech companies that we are presenting at dmexco will help to inspire up-and-coming young managers and serve as self-confident role models for all of us.

The interviews will be published at
In addition, at the Talk in the Debate Hall at dmexco on September 13, fascinating women such as Katharina Borchert (Mozilla), Carolyn Everson (Facebook), and Bessie Lee (Withinlin) will tell their personal stories and discuss the transformation of corporate culture that is taking place today. “THE FEMALE PERSPECTIVE: EMPOWERING WOMEN AROUND THE GLOBE”

The Female Quotient –
The Power of Collaboration and Celebrating Female Success

Shelley Zalis is an impressive woman. She’s the first woman CEO to be listed among the Top 25 in the market research industry. She brought a breath of fresh air into boardrooms, and since taking on her leadership role she has worked tirelessly within her sector as a mentor and contact person for women in leadership positions. She founded the Girls’ Lounge and shaped it into a network that gives women the opportunity to work collaboratively.

The Girls’ Lounge powered by The Female Quotient  will be the central meeting point for women at dmexco, where they can discuss ways to work together as they drive the transformation at companies and in our society. Within this global initiative, women in management positions support one another’s efforts to draw attention to themselves, increase the leadership responsibilities of women managers, and sustainably shape corporate cultures.
The Girls’ Lounge is located in Hall 9 in front of the Congress Hall. Drop in!

1ST ROW & the Women Speaker Foundation:
“How did you make it into the first row?”

Regina Mehler is the founder of 1ST ROW and the Women Speaker Foundation. She knows that today it’s still more difficult for women than for men to have a career and to assert themselves in companies. This makes it all the more important for women to present themselves on stage in order to have successful careers. “As a speaker from the ranks of top management, I was usually the only woman on the stage,” she says. “I wanted to change this situation, because I know lots of brilliant women who have something to say. At the same time, I know from my experience how important these presentations are for my career and my networking activities. Visibility and a stage are fantastic career boosters.”

This is why she founded the Women Speaker Foundation five years ago. By now this organization has formed a “Pool of Female Excellence” that includes more than 500 women experts on leading themes of current interest. Companies and events that aim to strengthen women get her on board and hire her as a consultant.

Through her own company, 1ST ROW, Regina Mehler wants to support women and men in management positions who wish to position themselves as experts on a particular theme in their respective sectors. “Top executives are increasingly understanding that simply occupying such a position is not enough. That’s especially true of women who have lots of leadership qualities, receive good feedback, and exceed their target figures. In order to gain followers, you have to authentically position yourself and become visible, by means of your attitude and a special theme. You have to develop a personal brand. Having followers — that’s the core theme for innovation leadership and personal brand building.”

Thanks to her background, this expert knows quite a few secrets about how to have a successful career. That’s why she will be inviting leading personalities to sit on her green sofa at our “Gender Equality @ dmexco” initiative and answer her questions about their personal career paths. The green sofa is our symbol of an open dialogue between women and men — the place at dmexco for the role models of our sector.

You’ll be able to follow these interviews on our Vlog . Here you can expect to gain valuable insights into the challenges that leading dmexco personalities have had to overcome in order to get to where they are today.