GDPR, Industry 4.0, alliances etc.:

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GDPR, Industry 4.0, alliances etc.:

Which German and European themes are at the center of attention? An overview.

The new data protection regulation will go into force next May, but companies must already set their course for compliance now. The big change that will occur in May is that whereas until now the personal data of consumers could be collected at will, in the future companies must explicitly ask consumers for permission. In short, in the future the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will not permit tracking, the use of third-party data, and similar activities. At dmexco, experts such as Donata Hopfen, the CEO of Bild, and Dr. Sachiko Scheuing, European Privacy Officer at Axciom, will explain how companies in Europe can prepare themselves for the new regulation.  

At dmexco 2017, the spotlight will also be on other themes that are having an impact on Europe, and especially on the German market. How can digital marketing be implemented successfully? This question will be the focus of numerous discussions. Last year Google, Facebook, and media agencies such as the Omnicom Media Group joined together to form the Coalition for Better Ads. At dmexco, they will present this ambitious project to a broad audience for the first time.

This year the new advertising formats will be presented in German and with a clear connection to the German market. Arne Kirchem, Chairman of OWM and Head of Media Unilever, will present the position of advertisers and explain what the new standards mean for companies. Will the new regulations remove the risk of ad blocking? Thomas Wagner, Seven One Media, will talk about the initiative and the new advertising formats from the viewpoint of publishers. He’ll point out the alternative sources of income that will be opening up for media companies.  

Other highly charged issues for the German market include the new strategic data alliances and the status of German companies in the global market. These issues will be discussed at the dmexco summit meeting “New Buddies on the Rise? Driving Digital through Strategic Collaboration” by experts including Petri Kokko from Google, Jan Oetjen from United Internet, Ulrike Handel from Dentsu Aegis, and Matthias Dang from IP. 

The themes of viewability and measurement standards will be discussed at the OWM debate “How to Get Hold of Our Online Ads’ Success – and What’s beyond Viewability?” by Uwe Storch from OWM and Ferrero, Jin Choi from Facebook, and Tanja zu Waldeck from Burda Forward.

At a symposium titled “Digital Tsunami? Economic Changes in a Transforming World,” Phillipp Justus from Google, Katharina Borchert from Mozilla, and Frank Riemensperger from Accenture will compare the technological achievements of Industry 4.0 in Germany with the accomplishments in other leading markets such as the USA and the UK. In what areas of development are German companies still lagging behind? What preconditions have to be met in order for German companies to make bolder innovations and thus once again move more strongly into the lead?  

In order to be a leader, a company also has to have the courage to follow its own path. Publishers, advertisers, and agencies are asking themselves whether they might not be adopting too many trends from the USA instead of moving in their own direction and finding their own solutions that more closely match their core business operations. At an event entitled “Are We Digitally Drunk? Surviving the Marketing Transformation,” the speakers will include top managers such as Philipp Markmann, CMO L’Oréal; Susanne Kunz, Media & Communications Director Procter & Gamble; Philipp Welte, Member of the Executive Board of Burda; and Martin Ott, VP Central Europe Facebook. New realism and clear standards in disciplines such as video advertising, programmatic buying, and search ads. In short, how can all types of digital business become part of a holistic business-oriented marketing strategy?

At a glance: National and European sessions on brand safety, data, measurement standards, viewability, and innovation:

The dmexco Summit
Are we digitally drunk? Surviving the Marketing Transformation
Sep 13 | 14:30 | Congress Hall

The Power Talk
The Disruption Myth: Innovating Media through Creativity
Sep 13 | 16:00 | Congress Hall

Prime Time
New Buddies on the Rise? Driving Digital through Strategic Collaboration
Sep 14 | 12:30 | Congress Hall

Who is the Fairest One of All? The Future of the Digital Advertising Value Chain
Sep 13 | 10:00 | Debate Hall

Retail Media Debate
The Conquerors of the Last Mile in Digital Advertising
Sep 13 | 12:15 | Debate Hall

The Challenge Award
The Future of Advertising
Sep 13th 2017 | 13:30 | Debate Hall

Preparing for GDPR
Embracing the inevitable regulations
Sep 13th 2017 | 14:05 | Debate Hall

Cross Over
Transformation Market Opportunities
Sep 13 | 15:55 | Debate Hall

The Coalition Debate
Previously on better Advertising
Sep 14 | 10:00 | Debate Hall

The Giant Bet
Is mobile everything? Blurring Boundaries vs. Channel specific thinking
Sep 14| 13:50 | Debate Hall

The Measurement Debate
How to get hold of our Online Ads´Success – and what´s beyond Viewability?
Sep 14 | 16:20 | Debate Hall

Insights & The Hot Chair
The State of the Industry
Sep 14 | 17:00 | Debate Hall

Crystal Ball
Digital Tsunami? Economic changes in a transforming world
Sep 14 | 15:25 | Experience Hall