The new Brandcubes are high-quality individualized meeting rooms in the heart of DMEXCO and serve as the ideal place for undisturbed meetings and business matchmaking. Brands will find the perfect setting within an attractive presentation area to address potential interested parties and customers here. A place of personal exchange and dialog right at the center of all that is happening at the expo.

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More Exhibitor Options

Do you want to make your presence as a DMEXCO exhibitor even more eye-catching?
1. Party: Let the day to a close with a great stand party
2. Sponsorships: Get even more attention and become an official sponsor
3. Conference: Present your innovations and topics within our numerous conference formats
4. PR: Order press compartments (login to Press)

Richard Kidd
Representative Brand Services
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Hakan Bahsi
Representative Brand Services
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Marten Toenshoff
Representative Brand Services
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