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If your innovative Start-up would like to be part of the Start-up Power of this year’s dmexco, please apply here. Based on the provided information below all applications will be examined and chosen by our Start-up / Ramp-up jury.

You want to find out more about the Start-up Village and the HERO and SUPERHERO Packages? Please download the Start-up Village booklet.

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Please decide at this point whether you wish to enter your session's title and topic in German or English. Given dmexco's international audience, we strongly advise that English be used. Anyhow, if your session will be held in German and be targeted primarily at a German-speaking audience, please enter the information about the content (title and topic) in German. If you target rather an English-speaking/international audience, we ask that you fill out both fields in English. The program will be published in a single language only. dmexco does NOT provide simultaneous translation!

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