Influencer marketing: Is it the next hype or a scalable and sustainable communication instrument?

From outsider to superstar: Only ten years ago, user-generated content was regarded as unpopular. Today, however, social influencers are sought-after publishers. Because of their authenticity and approachability, they have become coveted partners of the advertising sector. Cooperation with them enables advertisers to conduct a completely new kind of dialogue with consumers that is highly effective. This cooperation creates involvement, generates fans, boosts sales and/or stages themes in a way that is creative and tailored to particular target audiences. But which influencers are the best fit for which brands? G+J e|MS has created an innovative marketing platform called “InCircles” that makes influencer campaigns scalable, plannable, and measurable. Thanks to a full-service approach to giving advice, it gives customers lots of support. How it works and where it has limits will be demonstrated by our sponsor G+J e|MS in Munich.


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18.30 h: Admission, Welcome Drinks & Finger Food
19.15 h: Greeting by dmexco
19.25 h: „Elevator Speech“: Short & concise theme introduction / Sponsor
19.35 h: „Hot Chair“: Interview / Sponsor
19.45 h: „The Prophet“: Visionary outlooks & critical assumptions / Prophet
19.50 h: „Night Talk“: Hosted, controversial 1:1 / Sponsor & Prophet
20.20 h: Networking, Drinks & Finger Food
22.30 h: End


Sponsor Speaker:
Frank Vogel, 
Speaker of the Board G+J e|MS

Martin Meyer-Gossner,
The Strategy Web

Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 1
80636 München
Beginn: 18.30 Uhr

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