No data, no retail: Marketing success through knowledge about the customer

Retailers who want to be successful in the long term have to put the customer at the center of their marketing strategy. The prerequisite for that is to have high-quality insights into the customer. On the basis of these insights, retailers can reach their customers with an individualized approach via the customers’ preferred channels. The approach they take may be multichannel, omnichannel or cross-channel. In the future, retailers will be able to shape the customer journey from start to finish only if they have a deep understanding of their customers. The recipe for success is: Use existing data, identify relevant target groups, and take the customer by the hand – from the banner ad to the checkout.


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18.30 h: Admission, Welcome Drinks & Finger Food
19.15 h: Greeting by dmexco
19.25 h: „Elevator Speech“: Short & concise theme introduction / Sponsor
19.35 h: „Hot Chair“: Interview / Sponsor
19.45 h: „The Prophet“: Visionary outlooks & critical assumptions / Prophet
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Spnsor Speaker:
Richy Ugwu, CEO Retail Media Group

John Gerosa, Sales Director, Retail Sector Google

Martin Meyer-Gossner, The Strategy Web

Kehrwieder Theater
Kehrwieder 6
20457 Hamburg
Start: 18.30 h