The Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup stimulates the next step of mindblowing IoT solutions at the heart of the next digital marketing wave.

The Internet of Things will pave the way for the decade of predictive advertising. On demand services are expected everywhere. New sensor driven content enables new ways of user centric marketing and user generated marketing. Smart marketing will connect social data to online devices. New media models will evolve from connected wearable tech and IoT systems.

dmexco and Innovation World Cup showed the most innovative new marketing solutions using Internet of Things, Wearable Technology and Cloud Solutions. The expert jury of the Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup 2017 had identified finalists according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability and usability.

Our winners & „Digital Marketing Heroes” 2017

audEERING emotional and social AI technology by audEERING GmbH
Omnichannel solution by Conichiwa
Sendrato by Sendrato BV
Poken by GES
KiOne by Key Infuser

The 16 Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup finalists this year were (in alphabetical order):

  • The Advertima Experience Management System by Advertima
  • audEERING emotional and social AI technology by audEERING GmbH
  • EINSTONE Smart Retail by Beaconsmind & OSRAM
  • SCOUT MOBILE by Cognitive Operational Systems Inc.
  • Omnichannel solution by Conichiwa
  • adpack – DOOH revolution by IDA Indoor Advertising GmbH
  • AuxD – City-Wide Audience Analytics by Idezo GmbH
  • Insider Navigation by INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH
  • KiOne by Key Infuser
  • Beacons, Dor by
  • Smartcook by Mimesis Technology
  • PlayPass – RFID cashless payments solution for live events by PlayPass
  • Poken by GES
  • Sendrato by Sendrato BV
  • Onni Care – Platform for other baby brands by SEP Solutions/Onni Care
  • Toteat by TOTEAT

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  The expert jury of the Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup 2017:

Elevator pitch & official award ceremony: Experience Hall, 13 September at 5:50 pm


Christian Stammel, CEO of Navispace and WT Wearable Technologies

Christoph Schuh, Partner Lakestar Advisory Deutschland GmbH