„AI is the brains and the driver of the marketing of tomorrow“

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„AI is the brains and the driver of the marketing of tomorrow“

Jörg Binnenbrücker (Managing Partner, Capnamic Ventures), Klaus Eck (Managing Partner / Founder d.Tales), Falk Hedemann, (Journalist, Social Median, Content-Strategist), Gerrit Schumann (Chief Digital Officer Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt), Sven Wedig (CEO & Founder, Vollpension Medien GmbH) and Stefan von Gagern (Journalist, Content, PR, Social Media) – these Social Media and Digital Marketing Experts are the 2017 dmexco ambassadors. Why for them the dmexco is the place to be and why Artificial Intelligence is so important for digital marketing you can find out here. Click here for their profiles: https://dmexco.de/ambassadors/

Stefan von Gagern will attend dmexco for the first time: The expert for tech content will give worthful insights, together with five other ambassadors. Which key marketing trend will become even more important in 2018? „In my opinion, personalization combined with good content is the magic formular for success, and it will become even more important in 2018“ says von Gagern. He´s highly interested in sessions about artificial intelligence (AI), which is for him tremendously important for digital marketing as well. „AI is by no means the wacky robot in the background that many people imagine. It´s actually a helper than can, and will, take a lot of tedious work off our shoulders. For example, AI can look at huge amounts of data and pick out exactly the tiny peace of content that we need for our next campaign, our next post etc. AI can help us find the right keyword by doing in-depth analysis of the content of images and videos. As a result, we can focus more intensely on the things that AI can´t deal with: ideas and creativity.“

Content-strategist und social media expert Falk Hedemann regards AI as „the brains and the driver of the marketing of tomorrow. Without AI we would not be able to master the enormous mountains of data or fulfill the demands for functions such as high-quality personalization.“ The journalist believes „in a strong package consisting of the trends IoT, VR and AI. Artificial intelligence in particular will catapult us into the postindustrial age in the years ahead. I think it´s very exciting to be able to watch it happen.“
It´s the third time Falk Hedemann attend the dmexco. „I consider dmexco my second class reunion every year, after re:publica. It´s more business oriented than re:publica and has a clearer focus on marketing. This is where I meet people from my network that I hardly ever see otherwise, and I enjoy that very much.“ This is Falk´s blogpost.

Venture capitalist Jörg Binnenbrücker thinks that „AI is fundamentally important in digital marketing, because it´s a basic technology that offers us ways to structure previous solutions much more efficiently. In parallel, it will also offer us entirely new opportunities to address customers more efficiently etc.“ Sessions related to voice-based interfaces are also super-exciting for Binnenbrücker. In the experience of Jörg Binnenbrücker, a digital enthusiast, it is still a huge challenge to find more efficient ways to address target groups. „Targeting in the field of programmatic buying is still often behaviour-based today. New methods such as psycholinguistic approaches etc. could play an even more crucial role for me in 2018.“ The experienced expert for venture capital is not only fan of 1. FC Köln soccer club, but also of dmexco: „I regard dmexco as the authoritative event in the field of digital marketing. Every year, I have the good fortune to encounter new ideas and interesting people and companies (or see them again) there.“ Click his latest blogpost.

New developments in content marketing

„Sharing, inspiration, and knowledge transfer“ expects Gerrit Schumann, who chose Cologne as his base. The manager regards dmexco as „the biggest concentration of digital and marketing expertise in Europe.“ For the Chief Digital Officer of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt Mark Thompson (New York Times) and Mainardo de Nardis are with „Bad Times, Good Times“ two of the most exciting speakers. In Schumann´s opinion this year´s key marketing trends will become even more pronounced in 2018. „The platforms will focus even more intensely on quality standards fort he publisher sites and the advertising formats. There will be fewer intrusive ads and more ad blocking. Native advertising and even better targeting will be important components of these trends.“ If Schumann could make a wish for dmexco 2018, it would be a kind of Blinkist condensation tool for the conference program. „There are so many interesting sessions running in parallel that you automatically miss some things you would have loved to see. In order to ‚take away’ some themes, a compact summary would be great.“ Schumann is looking for developments that make content marketing even more scalable for companies in order to position cross-publisher content even more conveniently. „New solutions will certainly establish themselves on the market.“

Content strategist Klaus Eck also focuses on that. „It would be great to see more coverage of the current developments in content marketing at dmexco. Especially fascinating aspects are transmedia storytelling, content automation, and new information about chat bots“, says the Managing Director & Founder of the content marketing agency d.Tales, who will join the sessions in the field of AI, Bots, content and influencer marketing. The key marketing trend 2018 will be customer experience, which is only at the beginning of its development. „We´re going to see exciting developments in the context of content in the future.“ You can follow the manager and traveller from Munich on Twitter, where he loves lifelogging. His dmexco blogpost you can read here.

Influencer and marketing expert Sven Wedig, CEO & Founder Vollpension Medien, regards dmexco as an important generator of momentum. „Here, interesting people from the online sector come together in a framework that has been perfectly organized offline. To me, dmexco feels like a huge digital and international class reunion.“ In his view, influencer marketing will remain a key marketing trend even 2018. „Influencer marketing will continue to become more professionalized. That´s why I´m convinced that in an optimized form it will continue to outperform traditional marketing formats in 2018. I´m also intrigued by the question of how linear media will develop in the future. Today the trend in the younger generation really seems to be moving toward TV once again.“ Maybe you´ll see Sven Wedig on stage next year. We asked our ambassador: If you could wish something for dmexco 2018, what would it be? „That´s a good question. May I give you a very selfish answer? I´d like to see a panel in which I would be allowed to interview the author Simone Sinek, whom I greatly admire. Alternatively, I´d also like to interview Lukas Podolski, but only if Simon Sinek is to ambitious a choice.“